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The National Academies Assessment of NASA Laboratory Capabilities Project

Project Scope: The National Research Council (NRC) Laboratory Assessments Board, in collaboration with the NRC Space Studies Board, will form an ad hoc committee to carry out an independent external review of NASA's laboratories, including laboratory equipment, facilities, and support services used for fundamental science and engineering research, to determine whether they are equipped and maintained at a level adequate to support NASA's research activities. Spacecraft qualification equipment and facilities are excluded from consideration. The review will also include an assessment of the relative quality of NASA's in-house laboratory equipment and facilities compared to comparable laboratories elsewhere.

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Surface Temperature (deg F) on a 16.5 Degree Wedge

LeaTech's SensorkoteTM

Pressure and temperature sensitive coatings

How fast can you go?  Our temperature sensitive coatings have been used across all speed regimes from static, subsonic, transonic, and supersonic to hypersonic -- Mach 14!

The figure above shows the surface temperature of a 16.5 degree wedge in Mach 10 and Mach 14 flows at two Reynolds numbers. 

Check out how our temperature sensitive coating changes in the YouTube video below showing the surface temperature as NASA's Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle starts heating up at Mach 10 - or 10 times the speed of sound! 

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Images from the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina (2005)


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